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Reach for the Stars

“Reach for the Stars” is the mural installation for Hafen Elementary. After six months of organizing and planning, we had the help of their 450 students to paint three huge walls on campus measuring 30 x 15 feet. During the process, we got to know the teachers and saw how hard they worked through the pandemic. The world changed so much for just about everyone on the planet, but most evident was how things changed for students and their teachers. I ended up dedicating the third wall as a space to show “We Love Our Teachers”. The kids love their teachers and the staff so much and parents learned just how important their role is in the lives of their children.

Although it was exhausting, painting with all the kids was so wonderful. I learned not to give multiple color choices as well, however the stamps turned out so beautiful I ended up preserving them. We should bring hope to our schools and the hope of American Dreams of all students. After seeing how hard the teachers work, how precious the kids are. We need to do better as a society. Let’s start the conversation.

To commemorate the hand-carved stamps used to paint Reach for the Stars, American Dreams flags were the result.

American Dream Flags 1 and 2

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